The PixInsight Benchmark

Benchmark Report

Benchmark Identification
Serial number X151052C66BY5VNG0FC3OW0900RL7H8I
Benchmark version 1.00.08
Report date 2019/05/19 00:05:28 UTC
CPU Identification
CPU vendor GenuineIntel
CPU model Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-7900X CPU @ 3.30GHz
System Information
Platform Windows
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Core version PixInsight Core (x64)
Logical processors 20
Total memory size 63.709 GiB
Execution Times
Total time 42.09 s
CPU time 27.91 s
Swap time 14.15 s
Swap transfer rate 1171.270 MiB/s
Performance Indexes
Total performance 11175
CPU performance 13559
Swap performance 6487
Additional Information
Swap disks 8 threads on 32GB RamDisk via IMDisk 4 threads on 1TB Samsung 960Pro
Motherboard ASRock x299 Taichi with Core i9-7900X stock CPU timings
Machine description KOR_PI Custom Build
Comments Looks like I lost about 30% performance due to Meltdown/Specter mitigations.