PixInsight Noise Reduction Example
Wavelets + SGBNR (1/4)

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1. Original Image: Fornax Dwarf by Daniel Verschatse

2. Small-Scale Noise: Multiscale Noise Reduction

2.1 Wavelet Layers Preview

2.2 Noise Reduction with ATrousWaveletTransform

3. Large-Scale Noise: SGBNR

3.1 SGBNR Mask

3.2 SGBNR Parameters

4. Final Evaluation of Noise Reduction Results

1. Original Image:
Fornax Dwarf by Daniel Verschatse

The original image used for this example has been taken by Chilean PTeam member Daniel Verschatse. It is a stack of six 15-minutes exposures through an ST-10 CCD camera at the prime focus of an Astro-Physics Traveler AP105EDF.

An initial midtones and background levels adjustment has been applied to the original raw image through HistogramsTransform in PixInsight. No further processing has been applied.

Original image by Daniel Verschatse

Below is a crop of the original image at actual size. You can save it to your local hard disk if you want to try the noise reduction procedures described in this document by yourself. We have used high-quality JPEG compression to save this crop (95% quality) to avoid compression artifacts that might interfere with noise reduction procedures.

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