PixInsight LE Online Help Contents


Legal Matters

What's New

System Requirements

Installing and Uninstalling PixInsight LE

Getting Help

Working with Image Files

Working with Image Windows

Image Windows Basics
Navigating Images
Displaying Channels
Reading Pixel Values

Working with Previews

A First Look into Previews
Creating Previews
Selecting, Moving and Resizing Previews
Preview Data and Functions
Miscellaneous Preview Operations
Using Previews to Try Out Processes
Why Preview Objects

Processes: Basic Concepts

Working with Processing Windows

Processing Windows Basics
Image-Independent Processing Interfaces and View Selection Lists
Working with Process Drag Objects
Using Standard Apply and Preview Buttons

Working with Process Icons

A First Look into Process Icons
Creating Process Icons
Managing Process Icons
Putting Process Icons into Play

Working with Process Containers

Processing Histories
Process Containers

Color Management in PixInsight

RGB Working Spaces

Defining RGB Working Spaces
Why RGB Working Spaces
Why Separate Luminance and Chrominance

Working with Masks

Masking Facts
Using Masks in PixInsight

Working with Histograms

Histogram Manipulation in PixInsight
The Histograms Window

Working with Curves

Curves Transforms in PixInsight
The Curves Window

Geometric Transforms

Interpolation Algorithms
Resampling and Resizing Images
Cropping and Expanding Images
Rotating Images
Dynamic Crop/Rotate

Morphological Filters

Median Filters
Minimum (Erosion) and Maximum (Dilation) Filters

Wavelets Processing

Understanding the Multiscale Language
The À Trous Discrete Wavelet Transform In PixInsight
The À Trous Wavelets Window

Noise Reduction

SGBNR (Selective Gaussian Blur Noise Reduction)
SCNR (Subtractive Chromatic Noise Reduction)
Worked Noise Reduction Example: Wavelets + SGBNR (4 pages)

Pixel Math

PixelMath Process / Pixel Math Window
Some PixelMath Examples

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